Here are the steps for getting your Personal Licence:


Pass the APLH Course

The Level 2 APLH course is one day course and is assessed by a multiple-choice exam. Click here to book your course


Complete DBS Check

You will need a recent Disclosure and Barring Service check as part of your application. It costs £25 for a basic check.  

For further information, click here


Complete Application

You can complete and download the application using our online Personal Licence Application Wizard


To send the application, you will need: 

✅ Original qualification certificate 

✅ Recent DBS check

✅ 2 countersigned photographs 

✅ Pay £37 fee

✅ Disclosure of convictions form (if applicable)


Sounds like too much work? Use EasyApply

Use Get Licensed's risk-free EasyApply service to apply for your personal licence.  


What is Easy Apply for Personal Licence? 

Let Get Licensed do all the work and make sure your application is successful. This includes processing your DBS check and Licence Fee.